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Our Artist

Billy Smith


Born and raised just north of Brevard, NC in Pisgah Forest, Smith was the youngest of six children and spent a good amount of his childhood in the woods exploring colors, textures, and shapes.  Instead of an instructional art book - the flowers, trees, dirt, sky, and everything in between inspired him.  

Pushed through the typical “school system”, Smith always knew there was more. 

After multiple adversities, he came to the realization that he could be an artist, as it was innately planted in him.  

What started as him sketching local musicians, turned into commissions to do murals around town and then grew into a full-blown art studio instructing Brevard’s youth.  

In 2018, Smith learned that he had Type 1 Diabetes, and during his hospital stay after a ketoacidosis Coma, he clarified that he is also a cinematographer and filmmaker.  He has since produced multiple videos for clients across the board.  He is also the Fine Arts Director at Destiny Church as well as the Vice President of the Transylvania Community Arts Council


Visit Billy Smith's Website

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