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Eric and Loretta were married in 2017. They began discussing the idea for the Drum Attic in 2019 before they moved to Brevard, NC in 2o2o where they would have room for the drums. Before it was a reality they knew they wanted it to be more than just a YouTube channel where Eric played drums. They wanted it to also be a place where they could share their stories with their viewers. They decided to do this by sharing why they chose a particular song to cover. The idea behind being vulnerable and sharing their stories, their journey, was to inspire hope and faith in others and let them know that they are not alone. 

Eric and Loretta are passionate about using the Drum Attic to also discuss topics that touch and have touched their lives such as mental health awareness and suicide awareness/prevention.

Attic Custom Drums is really an extension of the same idea: to share hope and faith with others and honor the memory of our loved ones through lovingly creating high-end custom snare drums that meet the demands of your drumming and are as unique and as individual as you are.

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